Narrowly escaped a seating desaster

In order to start our journey in Sao Paulo, we had to take a flight from Frankfurt to Madrid and then from there further to Sao Paulo, our first destination.  The trip was quite exciting, as we could not book seats for our flight to Madrid upon check in. In addition, our  seats we had for the intercontinental flight were not adjacent- sitting over 10 hrs separated from each other would not have been ideal, but we hoped to be able to change seats somehow in Madrid prior to boarding, despite the fact that the plane was completely full.

Luckily we were assigned suitable seats for both flights. But only after using my Spanish for the first time in years, in combination with a puppy dog eye and a 'pretty please', we managed to get adjacent seats for the flight to Sao Paulo! Yeay, success! And we only had to defend them against an old lady on the second flight... peace of cake...

Was this really our destination?

Upon arrival in Frankfurt, we were a tiny bit confused when reaching our gate for boarding the plane to Madrid, as the sign said 'Santiago-Madrid'. Both of us were clueless of what this could mean. First we thought that this could be the name of the airport...turned out that was a wrong assumption. Once boarding the plane, we were informed that the flight is also going to Santiago- the obvious one would be the city in Chile, but we were confused that Santiago was mentioned prior to Madrid so we thought that maybe we are heading towards Santiago in Spain? We were totally lost, but also amused, so we decided to see where the journey would take us.

The airplane was very fancy, one of the newest models we have flown with so far, enough leg room (not that i would need it, but anyways), nice entertainment system, it was all perfect. Unfortunately we had to leave the 'Porsche of the Sky' once we reached Madrid.  Unlucky for us, we were commencing our journey in a...Volkswagen rather than a Porsche as the plane was slightly older than the previous one, but everything was fine. We arrived about 20 min earlier than anticipated at 5:05 am full with excitement to embrace the first days of our trip, and even more so, because of the nice welcome ahead of us.

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