As mentioned before, we had a change of plans and ended up in Bangkok. I had a minor issue with my backpack and now another complaint to handle with (after IBERIA and Lufthansa now comes Jetstar), but we arrived safe and sound. We were a little bit hesitant towards Bangkok and felt like our energy was drowned because of Ha-Noisy (An official nickname given to Hanoi), so starting our trip in Thailand with another big city was not ideal.

We had booked a bike tour in the night in the hope of avoiding big crowds which turned out to be  a good decision as the majority of the sights were empty. Surprisingly so, the city is a nice mix between modern and traditional, there is less honking going on and the people seem nicer than in Vietnam. In order to avoid scams by the taxi drivers who try to screw you over whenever they can, we decided to use UBER- reliable, safe and friendly!

Before leaving the busy capital of Thailand on a sleeper train to the North, we only visited a few more sights during the day such as Chinatown and the old city center. The train that we took takes 14 hrs to Chiang Mai and although there was no AC, the temperature was pleasant. Sleeping on the upper bench is very much a torture, but sleeping on the lower bed is comfortable and you get to be woken up by the sunrise hitting your face. Johannes was a Gentleman and allowed me to sleep on the lower bed, which I am very grateful for. At noon, we finally arrived Chiang Mai, surprisingly enough without any noteworthy delay (who even cares about an hour 🙂


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